Luxury Vinyl Planks are the fastest growing floor covering at the moment and when you see them you will know why.

As with all our range, we select what we believe to be the best available. Our ranges of Luxury Vinyl Planks are manufactured to the highest quality specifications amalgamating beauty and  quality. We only use top of the range planks thats are suitable for DIY or we can arrange installation.

Exceptional Durability

The planks are 5mm thick with a 0.55mm wear layer durability that meets and exceeds the demands of commercial applications.

Hassle Free Maintenance

The Nano Silver Technology coating on the top layer of each vinyl sheet ensures hassle free maintenance. These micro molecules destroy bacteria, viruses and mould upon contact and repels dirt.

Loose Lay Installation

With a patented technology that incorporates a non skid backing layer, each plank can be installed without the need for adhesives, making for a hassle free installation and worry free maintenance and replacement.